This week In Prince George First Nations and different industry groups made progress building relationships to work together on future projects.

The talks were put on by the First Nations Major Projects Coalition (FNMPC) and included over 120 First Nation and Industry representatives.

Chair of the FNMPC, Sharleen Gale said a lot of people walked away with a good understanding of where First Nations want to go with projects moving forward.

2;09“They want to have opportunities to have involvement in the major projects in their territory through equity positions and ownership.”

The topics discussed included equity ownership project financing, environmental stewardship, and project assessments.

There were First Nations from five provinces and one territory at the meeting.

Gale said the First Nations involved are trying to advance their communities and help industry understand how they want resources managed in their territories.

“I think this is a win-win for everyone and it will not only bring prosperity to a single nation but to everyone and every Canadian.”