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HomeNewsTeo Saefkow brings solo project to Smithers with 'Scalawag' release Friday

Teo Saefkow brings solo project to Smithers with ‘Scalawag’ release Friday

While many know local musician Teo Saefkow for his part of the local band Ranger Smash, the Smithers native is once again making musical waves with a new release.

The solo project, titled “Scalawag”, will be out this Friday on all major online music streaming sites.

Saefkow says he chose the name for the project because he feels it describes him well.

“It describes me perfectly. It just means someone who is mischievous, but not in a detrimental way to other people, just for fun.”

Saefkow says that, with the exception of a few cameos, he plays all the instruments on the album, describing it as a passion project.

Compared to Ranger Smash, he says Scalawag is a lot more introspective and laid back.

“It’s a collection of the two, I think about half of it is stuff that I wrote four or five years ago that was going to go for Ranger Smash, but then it was just a little bit too sentimental, and then another half of it is all stuff that I wrote specifically for the album.”

Saefkow has a Northern B.C. tour this week and you can catch him at the Bulkley Valley Brewery on Friday to celebrate the album release.

The event is pay-what-you-can and begins at 8 p.m..

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