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HomeNewsTown council brings residential development one step closer to completion

Town council brings residential development one step closer to completion

A proposed residential development is one step closer to being given the green light after city council approved two zoning bylaw amendments last night.

Two changes were made to the lot at the Northwest corner of Victoria Street and Turner Way that would turn the lot from one zoned for church use to one zoned for residential use.

Mayor Taylor Bachrach says that the move comes as the current owner has a buyer, but that the sale is contingent on the rezoning being approved and the development of 10 four-plex units moving forward.

“In order to do that the property has to be re-zoned, because the current zoning is for church use,” he explained.

“I think, overall, it’s consistent with the long-term community plan, and so I was pleased to see it move forward tonight.”

Bachrach says the next step for the development is for the permit application to be put together and be brought to council for further discussion.

During the meeting, council also expressed a strong desire for the permit to go to the Advisory Planning Commission (APC) which would provide one more level of scrutiny for the proposed development.

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