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Local ceramics artist featured at Smithers Art Gallery

One of Smithers Art Galleries newest exhibits features a local ceramic artist.

Like many children, Susan Clay-Smith says she loved playing in the mud as a kid growing up.

But eventually, she realized playing with clay was even more fun.

“I find with clay, you get working with the materials and it’s very malleable and reactive. So sometimes you might start on something and it might go in a totally different direction.”

Clay-Smith says that her featured work focuses on sculptural form as well as surface.

“[It’s] primarily different image transfer printing techniques on clay, a lot of it is functional pieces [like] mugs,” she said. “In the last couple of years, I’ve really started playing around a lot with different image transfer and printmaking techniques on clay.”

You can see her exhibit at the Smithers Art Gallery where it runs until April 6.

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