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HomeNewsMinister of Public Safety defends Legebokoff’s move to medium security prison

Minister of Public Safety defends Legebokoff’s move to medium security prison

The Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale has responded to Prince George/Cariboo MP Todd Doherty’s opposition to the transfer of serial killer Cody Legebokoff from a maximum to medium security prison.  

Legebokoff was convicted in Sept 2014 of four counts of first degree murder for the killings of Loren Leslie, 15, Natasha Montgomery, 23, Jill Stuchenko and Cynthia Maas, who were both 35.

Legebokoff was just 24 years old at the time of his conviction.

In an email correspondence with Minister Goodale’s office released this statement:

We share the grief and pain of the family and friends of the victims of Cody Legebokoff, who continue to endure unimaginable pain and grief.

Mr. Legebokoff is currently incarcerated in a facility surrounded by two chain-link fences, topped with razor wire and equipped with an electronic detection system. The facility also has multiple armed posts, cameras and mobile patrols.

All registered victims were informed of the transfer shortly after it took place, in accordance with CSC policy that has been in effect since 2012.

To ensure that all victims are aware of the services and information available to them, CSC is developing new outreach strategies in consultation with stakeholders.

In the Canadian correctional system, incarceration at any security level involves severe constraints and loss of liberty.

Inmates are regularly assessed by trained correctional professionals to ensure that they are placed at the appropriate security level, based on their security and programming needs. They are only reclassified to a different security level when that can be done safely.

Canadians are better protected when offenders are gradually prepared for potential supervised release. The alternative – releasing offenders “cold turkey” from maximum security into our communities – is far less safe.

Doherty’s office released a statement today with a copy of a letter sent to Goodale, urging him to “act immediately” and return Legebokoff to a maximum security prison.

In the letter, Doherty said that Legebokoff has never taken any responsibility for his crimes and quoted Supreme Court Justice Parrett who said,”He (Legebokoff) lacks any shred of empathy or remorse. He should never be allowed to walk among us again.”     

From the letter to Minister Goodale:

One of Mr. Legebokoff’s adult victims identified as Natasha MONTGOMERY has never been recovered.  Despite all efforts, the location of her remains has never been determined.

Despite numerous attempts to uncover the location of Natasha’s remains, Legebokoff has refused to provide any information and has in fact, used this piece of information as leverage to better his own personal circumstances.

Brendan Fitzpatrick was the RCMP E Division Major Crime Section, Superintendent in Charge of Operations during Mr. Legebokoff’s murder spree. Mr. Fitzpatrick has called this act, “absolutely unconscionable!”

Legebokoff was transferred from BC’s Kent Institution, a maximum security prison, to medium security Warkworth Institution in Ontario in January. has been in contact with Doherty’s office and the MP will be giving his response to the matter.

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