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Local co-op sets sights on Lake Kathlyn School

The Moose has learned a local co-op has submitted a proposal to School District 54 for use of Lake Kathlyn School.

The proposal by Coast Field and Forest Cooperative (CFFC) lists a number of potential uses for areas of the building.

An agricultural research facility with a focus on vegetable and fruit production was one suggestion.

Another was a primarily adult-oriented ‘folk school’ that would teach traditional arts, crafts and skills through workshops and classes.

Director of CFFC Darcy Repen says he feels all the proposals would work well with the daycare currently operating out of the school.

“[I suspect] the agricultural research centre … would be a very positive mesh with the existing use,” he says.

“It would be beneficial for kids to have that exposure to agriculture and farming and science.”

The school closed in June 2016 after declining attendance.

You can read the CFFC’s full proposal here.

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