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WorkSafeBC: Making craft brew? Watch out for CO2

B.C. has released new safety resources for people working in the craft beer industry.

WorkSafeBC announced Tuesday that new provincial guides, posters and a video would be available to brewers in the rapidly-growing industry.

They focus on risks like confined spaces and carbon dioxide exposure.

Cam McKeigan is a local brewer who works at Smithers Brewing Company.

He says that while the risks for small-scale operations are relatively low, they are still present.

“If you’re working in a situation where there’s a lower level of the brewery and an upper level … carbon dioxide concentrations in the lower levels can get high enough where it becomes dangerous,” he explains.

He says that it’s good to see some provincial resources meant to keep people in the industry safe, adding that people have died in the wine industry from carbon dioxide exposure.

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