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HomeNewsPro-resource convoy rolls through Houston

Pro-resource convoy rolls through Houston

Using a convoy to convey a message.

That’s exactly what a number of pro-resource groups did this weekend as they hosted the Bulkley Valley Truck Rally in Houston, B.C..

The sound of car horns filled the downtown for close to 20 minutes as around 40 cars and trucks looped the area multiple times.

Afterwards, a little over 100 people met at the Legion for food and speeches.

Skeena MLA Ellis Ross was in attendance. He spoke to the crowd, noting that he himself used to hold anti-resource views.

“The more I looked into this, the more I realized a lot of aboriginals have been fed misinformation,” he said.

Ross added that he feels it’s time for people who support resource development to speak up.

“When we’re talking about … what’s best for our kids, our family, our grandchildren and our communities, we gotta take a position,” he says.

“Because the other side that wants to shut down oil, gas, forestry and mining is definitely taking a position, they’re not sitting on a fence.”

The gathering was juxtaposed by two protesters across the street holding up bright neon signs that stated their opposition to the Coastal GasLink pipeline.

One of the organizations that hosted the event, The North Matters, say they have many plans for future rallies in the area to support resource workers and families.

Supporters of resource development gathered in Houston on Saturday for the Bulkley Valley Truck Convoy. | © TREVOR HEWITT

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