It’s not often you can explore as serious a subject as racism in a controlled, safe environment.

But that’s exactly what happened last night when the Smithers Public Library put on ‘SKIN: The Game’.

The interactive game explores the mechanics behind racism and where discriminatory feelings might stem from.

Valerie Laub, who created the game, says that it offers participants a chance to analyze examples of racist events from a different perspective than what their default one might be.

“If I have to play the role of the victim, if I let myself go into that, how’s it going to feel for me? Does that give me some understanding of what people that are obvious minorities … go through?”

She says she hopes to continue the event in future years, but remarks that, in a perfect world, perhaps she wouldn’t have to.

“What would be really nice is if, down the road, we solved our problems around this,” she said.

“But I think that’s really premature.”