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Local talk looks at drones’ applications in resource management

Why have humans map out a forest fire when a drone could do it?

New regulations from Transport Canada that reduce restrictions for drones come into force this June.

A talk at the Bulkley Valley Research Centre tomorrow headed by Matt Sakals, research geomorphologist with the B.C. government, looks at exactly what that means for the relationship between unmanned aircraft and resource management.

And while we won’t see firefighting fleets of drones just yet, Sakals says that unmanned aircraft already provide a number of essential services in the fight against wildfires.

“[Using] thermal infrared camera … they can detect where it may be hotter, so they can see the hottest spots and then the crews can target those sites to kill the fire,” he says.

The talk, titled ‘Drones and Natural Resource Management’, is on Mar. 27 from noon to 1 p.m. at the Bulkley Valley Research Centre.

Admission is free for members and two dollars for non-members.

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