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Town hopes to boost active transportation to Smithereens

And remember, Smithers — be home before dark.

The Town of Smithers has been working to develop its first Active Transportation Plan in an effort to better support active or human-powered forms of transportation, whether that be walking, running, maybe even biking.

According to Mayor Taylor Bachrach, the goal of the project is to receive feedback on barriers in and around the town that may affect getting around the town by active modes of transportation.

On a much broader scale, the plan is designed to further the town’s commitment towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions by replacing carbon dioxide emitting transportation with active transportation methods, decreasing the dependency on fossil fuel vehicles.

“Smithers is known as being an active community and being able to get around by bike or on foot is an important aspect of many residents’ quality of life,” said Mayor Taylor Bachrach in a news release. “Council and I hope the upcoming planning process will help guide future infrastructure upgrades so that Smithers families can lead even healthier, more active lives.”

Smithers is aware that the participation of the community is a critical part of developing a plan.

The project will officially launch on April 15 with a public survey and citizen photo mapping exercise that is aimed to encourage residents to capture photos of the barriers and opportunities for active transportation throughout the community.

Members of the public are invited to swing by the Ideas Fair on May 1, between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. to learn about the project, as well as help in further developing and provide feedback on the project.

The Ideas Fair will be located on Second Avenue at Main Street.

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