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HomeNewsOnly half of LNG Canada jobs for B.C. Residents?

Only half of LNG Canada jobs for B.C. Residents?

Despite reports, the LNG Canada project will bring 10,000 jobs to the province, according to a government briefing only half will be B.C. residents.

In the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday, Liberal Politician Mike de Jong said after reviewing the budget process they learned worst-case scenario only 35 per cent of workers would be from B.C. with the best cases being 55 per cent.

Green Party Member Andrew Weaver said he thinks the numbers will be even lower.

“We found out yesterday during deliberation of Bill 10 at the committee stage that there actually is not requirements where the LNG Canada has to employ British Columbians.”

Through the LNG process, the government has reiterated the economic opportunities for British Columbians with 10,000 construction jobs and 950 people once the project is complete.

“The exact number of BC hires will be dependent on the availability of skilled labor. It is unlikely there will be enough skilled trades available to fill the full complement of jobs given the size of the project and the number of people that will be required,” Susannah Pierce, Director External Relations, LNG Canada.

As of December 2018, Pierce said 600 people were working on the LNG Canada site, and half of these people are from the local area.

Nechako Lakes MLA John Rustad said the goal would be too have as many local jobs as possible.

“When I think about Nechako Lakes and commitment to First Nations there is a solid commitment for the jobs partially for First Nations and small communities through the area, so I am confident there will be a lot of jobs along the pipeline.”

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