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BV Rod & Gun Club wants someone to take shot at presidency

The BV Rod & Gun Club wants you to take a shot at it.

The presidency, that is.

Next Wednesday the organization is hosting their annual general meeting.

And among other things, current club president Brian Atherton says they will be voting to elect a new president for the club.

Atherton adds that it’s a great chance for someone who wants to give back to the community.

“We have a very healthy club, we’ve got a strong membership, we have a wonderful community and we have a great fishing hunting heritage here, but we also need people to do the jobs that it takes to run a club,” he explains.

“For the rod and gun club, it does take quite a bit.”

He adds that, while they need the position filled, it’s no walk in the park (or gun range).

“We have a large building, we have to maintain our facilities, we have to be working together with government agencies and politicians as well … so that we have long-term access to healthy fish and game population.”

Atherton served as club president for five years — a number he says he committed to in his head when he first took the position.

He adds that in that time, club membership has jumped from around 90 to about 370 members.

The BV Rod & Gun Club was founded in 1936.

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