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Petition against anti-hunting hate gaining ground : Warning, explicit language

A Prince George group of hunters, trappers, and guides have gotten together to say they’ve had enough of being attacked and they’re fighting back.

Screenshot sent by Steve Hamilton

“It’s frustration with what seems to be an endless onslaught of attacks and outright hate from these anti-hunting organizations. There’s been death threats, personal attacks, all driven by these emotional hate campaigns,” said Steve Hamilton, one of the founders of a new Facebook group called BC Hunter Action Circle.  

As an example of the hate he’s referring to, Hamilton sent a screen shot of a Facebook conversation to where one user said “We should actually shoot to kill people who shoot and kill these defenseless and marvelous creatures for nothing but pleasure.”

Another comment reads “yes unlimited kills on the trophy fu**kers.”

He said the proof was in the pudding as far as the group’s membership.

“In about three days it’s exploded to 9000 members from across North America,”   

“It’s starting to get people signing in and joining from around the world, it shows that hunters around the world have had enough of being a target of hatred.”

Another member of the group, Mark Neudorf, started a petition to Premier John Horgan, calling for the support of sustainable wildlife management in the province.  

Please be the voice of reason and support the ethical, necessary hunt including predators that is backed by science, not strictly emotion,” said Neudorf on the petition, which had just over 5000 signatures at the time of this publication.

Hamilton said they’re looking to educate and show one united voice to politicians and other people around the world, but in British Columbia first and foremost.  

“We want the non-hunting public to know that we are about more than the kill, and we do it because we care about the back country and the fish, wildlife and the bounty that it provides.”

“The last thing we want is the extermination, extirpation, or extinction of a species.”    


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