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Devastating fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris put out; Four people killed in shooting in B.C.

Devastating fire finally put out at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Paris’ deputy mayor says Notre Dame’s organ, among the world’s most famous and biggest, remains intact after Monday’s devastating fire at the French capital’s main cathedral.

He says a plan to protect Notre Dame’s treasures was rapidly and successfully activated with the fire being declared as being finally fully put out Tuesday morning. The Archbishop of Toronto is among many Canadians lamenting the heavy fire damage to the cathedral.

RCMP: Four people killed in targeted shooting in Penticton B.C.

RCMP in British Columbia say a 60-year-old man is in custody after four targeted shootings left two men and two women dead in Penticton.

Police say the suspect turned himself in at police headquarters Monday morning, about an hour after Mounties received a call about a possible shooting downtown and cordoned off the area. Investigators say the suspect and victims knew each other.

Anniversary of Columbine High School shooting drawing near

Twenty years after two teenage gunmen attacked Columbine High School, alumni of the Littleton, Colorado, school have become parents.

They say the emotional toll of the shooting that killed 12 classmates and a teacher on April 20th, 1999 has been joined by fears about their own kids’ safety and spikes each time another shooter enters another school somewhere else.

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