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HomeNewsCheslatta Carrier Nation, BC Government address historic wrong with agreement

Cheslatta Carrier Nation, BC Government address historic wrong with agreement

Over 65 year since their lands were flooded to make way for the Nechako Reservoir, the provincial government and the Cheslatta Carrier Nation signed an agreement to address the wrong.

Back in 1952, Cheslatta residents were evicted from their homes on just two weeks notice and were forced to resettle out their landbase.

Cheslatta Chief Corrina Leween recently spoke with My PG Now.

“Our people have been working tirelessly to achieve a resolution to the reconciliation for the historical wrong that our people suffered and this agreement with the province offers justice for our ancestors.”

Leween explains what they plan to do now that the agreement has been signed.

“We try to include our membership as much as we could to give us the direction that we needed as well as what we’re looking forward to in the future to rebuild our community and that’s going to include a healing component, language of culture and economic development.”

“We’ve got plans for a recovery house in the community and we have plans for the language and the culture to get back into the community as well as an education facility.”

The Cheslatta lands, cultural and spiritual sites were all flooded to make way for the Kenney Dam, which is now known as the Reservoir.

My PG Now will update the story as more information comes in.

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