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Northern Chiefs speak at United Nations

B.C. Chiefs are headed to the United Nations this week to speak at the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

A delegation of 10 to 12 Union of BC Chiefs representatives, will be in New York speaking from Monday to Friday on the importance of implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

One of the speakers, Chief Na’mocks Hereditary Chief the Wet’suwet’en said right now Canada’s support of UNDRIP is just words and there needs to be proof they are upholding it.

“Canada keeps saying they have this wonderful relationship with indigenous peoples in our country and it’s just not true, their actions have proven it.”

Na’mocks said he would be speaking on topics that include the rights of indigenous people to peacefully express their discontent of corporate development.

“Its our right to protect the land as we see fit.”

This follows the arrest of 14 people on January 7 for protesting the Coastal Gas Links pipeline and a courts’ decision to not proceed with chargers.

The delegates will be speaking to the general assembly as well as holding several panel discussions on UNDRIP and rights of indigenous people throughout the week.

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