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Canadians being warned about travel in Sri Lanka; Regions in Canada dealing with flooding

Canadians being warned about travelling in Sri Lanka following deadly bombings

A warning remains in effect for Canadians in Sri Lanka.

Citizens are being warned to exercise a high degree of caution after a series of bombings on Sunday killed nearly 300 people, including dozens of foreigners. Global Affairs Canada says the situation in Sri Lanka remains volatile and more attacks are possible.

Regions across Canada brace for increased flooding

Those who live along the St. John River in New Brunswick are being told to stay alert as water levels rise in the coming days.

Rising floodwaters have already forced the closure or partial closure of at least 35 roads across the province. In Quebec, six major floods have forced more than 15-hundred people from their homes.

Afghan war continues to take toll on soldiers who served in it

The war in Afghanistan continues to take a toll on the mental health of Canadian soldiers, five years after the mission ended.

Figures obtained from Veterans Affairs Canada show the number of vets receiving disability benefits for mental-health conditions nearly doubled between March 2014 and March 2018 to more than 67-hundred.

Earth Day the largest civic-focused day of action in the world

On the 49th annual Earth Day, the focus has been on protecting endangered species that are threatened by climate change, habitat loss, poaching or other human causes.

Earth Day was launched in the 1970s to raise awareness about the effect we have on our environment. Earth Day-dot-org says 192 countries now mark the day, making it the largest civic-focused day of action in the world.

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