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One million recyclable containers lost a day in B.C.; Parents could be causing harm to kids with peanut allergy remedy

Organization wants to increase deposits on bottles in B.C.

B.C. seems to have a problem with losing recyclable bottles to the tune of a million per day. Chloe Dubois, of the Ocean Legacy Foundation, says her organization analysed data from recycling facilities and found almost 400 million containers weren’t returned in 2017. She suggests increasing deposits to encourage people to dispose of them properly.

Almost a decade of kids could be missing their measles vaccine

Almost 300,000 children missed their first measles vaccine in Canada over the last eight years. That is according to a report by UNICEF. The organization said around 169 million children worldwide missed their first dose over the same period. Kids made up the majority of the 110,000 people who died from measles worldwide in 2017.

Peanut allergy remedy debunked

Parents trying to cure their kid’s peanuts allergies may be doing more harm than good. Some studies suggest that the allergy can be reversed by exposing kids to gradually increased doses of peanuts. Researchers from McMaster University say it actually triples a person’s chance of having a severe allergic reaction.

Everyone told to avoid places of worship in Sri Lanka

Muslims in Sri Lanka are being urged to pray at home out of fear of relation for the Easter weekend bombings. The U.S. embassy is also asking citizens to avoid places of worship in general because there could be more attacks targeting religious centres. The country’s president says police are still looking for 140 people believed to have links with ISIS.

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