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Taxpayers Federation calling on NDP government to lower fuel prices in BC

The Canadian Tax Payers Federation would like BC politicians to do the right thing and lower the outrageously high gas prices in the province.

In places like Vancouver, drivers are paying an arm and a leg for fuel at 170.9 cents per litre while the current price in Prince George is a modest 135.9, with Costco being a few cents cheaper at 132.9.

In an interview with My PG Now, BC Director Kris Sims explained they have launched a petition calling for an end to the Carbon Tax, which would instantly lead to much cheaper gas prices in the north.

“Everybody in British Columbia gets hit with the Carbon Tax and if we got rid of the BC Carbon Tax that would instantly take ten cents off per litre and Prince George drivers could be enjoying gas prices in the dollar twenty range.”

She adds it’s about time we followed the lead of other provinces who are opposing this tax

“Our neighbors in Alberta and now Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and New Brunswick are all fighting the federal carbon tax so it’s high time for BC to catch up with them and realize the carbon tax was a mistake and start pushing back.”

“If we have a higher taxation on gasoline that means that our costs for fuel have gone up, that means our cost for example for trucking diesel has gone up and that often leads to higher grocery prices and higher supply prices because everything we eat and use has been delivered to us on a truck.”

The petition by the CTF also calls on Horgan’s NDP government to support pipelines so the province can get tax relief as well as an increased fuel supply.

“BC has a refined fuel supply shortage. We don’t have enough supply to meet the demands that we have at the fuel pumps for gasoline especially, so if we get these politicians to get on board and start supporting expanding pipelines and building new ones that will increase the supply of gas.”

According to Sims, Alberta Premier elect Jason Kenney is threatening to restrict the flow of fuel running through the pipe if Horgan keeps opposing the pipeline’s expansion, which could lead to a messier situation for BC drivers.

“We have a premier here in BC that has picked a fight with our neighbors in Alberta and that is only going to drive up our fuel prices more and we now, of course, have Kenney threatening to turn off the taps of Alberta oil coming through to British Columbia and that would just drive prices even higher.”

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