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New Alberta leader gives province power to cut oil shipments to B.C.; Canola farmers to get relief from Canada

Alberta could cutoff shipments of oil to B.C.

New Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney, didn’t take any time getting to business after being sworn in. He said the first order of business is making a bill law which gives the province power to cutoff oil shipments to B.C. The move is in response to British Columbia opposing the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion. Kenney told media to “stay tuned” when asked if he will actually use the option.

Feds to help canola farmers in midst of dispute with China

Canada plans to help canola farmers who are feeling the pinch from the country’s dispute with China. An announcement from the federal government is expected to help farmers get funding to cover any losses. The Chinese government blocked shipments of Canola from Canada in what’s believed to be a response to the arrests of a senior Huawei executive. The Chinese government said inspections of canola didn’t meet their standards but the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said it didn’t find any impurities.

Top Canadian websites won’t run ads for political parties

Canadians surfing the web won’t see  as many political ads for the upcoming election. A CBC survey said 20 of the country’s top websites decided it would be too hard to set up the registry before new rules take effect in two months. Microsoft made the call to completely ban political advertising worldwide on all its platforms.

Battles in Venezuelan streets breakout in support of rebellion

The Venezuelan opposition leader is calling for military uprising to overtake the current regime. The call was quickly supported by the Trump administration and saw resistance from forces loyal to the current socialist government. Violent battles in the streets of Caracas erupted yesterday and pose the biggest threat to the current president’s rule.

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