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Protester throw stones at police in Paris; Allergy website will help people decide if visit to specialist is needed

Over 200 arrested in France rally

May Day rallies in France took a violent turn. Tens of thousands of protesters in Paris clashed with police, throwing stones at officers. Over 200 people were arrested. Riot police used tear gas and sting grenades in an attempt to control the crowd. There is no word yet on exactly how many people were injured.

New allergy website 

A new website can help people figure out if they might have an undiagnosed allergy. Visitors to the free Allergy Check site just need to enter their symptoms and the website will help them figure out if they need to see a specialist. It also offers general resources on how to handle various food allergies.

Venezuelan rebellion intensifies

Venezuelans are taking to the streets to rebel against the current socialist government. The march is being organized by the country’s opposition leader who promises it will be the largest the country has ever seen. His plan is to try and get armed forces to turn on the current regime and create a military uprising to overthrow it.

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