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HomeNewsA month of oil paintings at the Smithers Art Gallery

A month of oil paintings at the Smithers Art Gallery

Two artists that both take a very different approach to oil painting are grassing the walls of the Smithers Art Gallery for the next month.

From now until June 15 the Smithers Art Gallery is featuring work by Alex Mikhailau and Cara Purita.

“Both of the artist are using oil, and it couldn’t be more fascinating because they could not be more different in the style or colour choices,” said Gallery Manager, Nicole Chernish.

The Subtle Beauty of Kitimat by Alex Mikhailau is a collection of landscape painting of the Kitimat area. Chernish said people will really recognize Kitimat when they see the exhibit.

Sweet Offerings by Cara Purita at the Smithers Art Gallery on May 16, 2019 | Photo by Shain Loughran

Sweet Offerings by Cara Purita uses bright, vibrant colour to show the connection between women and food.

“It’s looking at how the preparation of food and how food, in general, becomes a feminist issue when you look at preparation and time involved and then looking at who gets most recognition in the world.”

“What we try and do is bring in artists that are going to stimulate some kind of emotion in people, and I think both of these artists are very successful with that.”

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