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HomeNewsSwitching to an electric vehicle is equivalent to 25 cents per litre

Switching to an electric vehicle is equivalent to 25 cents per litre

A new survey from BC Hydro says commuters could save thousands of dollars a year if they switched to an electric vehicle.

According to the survey, the average British Columbian commuter travels about 20 kilometres each day in their car.

BC Hydro Spokesperson Davey Conway said lower emissions are just one of the benefits.

“With record high gas prices in the province many drivers are considering making the switch to an electric vehicle, and we found when B.C. commuters make the switch there are substantial savings.”

Based on the study, a trip in a Honda Civic, the top-selling sedan would cost six times more than it would cost in a Nissan Leaf, the top-selling electric vehicle.

“The equivalent cost of using electricity instead of gas is 25 cent per litre, and that is 80 per cent less than fuelling a gas-powered vehicle.”

Due to aging infrastructure, BC Hydro will be raising its rates 8 per cent over the next five years, but Conway said it would help them prepare for more people making the switch.

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