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Power restored to High Level but could go down again at anytime; Canadian forces making little progress battling sexual misconduct

ATCO working to provide emergency crews with power to fight wildfire

Emergency crews fighting the fire near High Level got a little help when some power was restored to the area. The flames knocked out electricity last week but a spokesperson for ATCO said the company is working on getting back up generators. The Alberta government said the region is still in extreme danger and current conditions could cause the fire to spread more easily.

More than 1K Canadian soldiers claim to be sexually assaulted over past year

Despite years of trying, the Canadian Forces have apparently made next to no progress in eliminating sexual misconduct. A CTV article cited a new Statistics Canada Survey that said just over 1.5 percent of members claim they were the victim of a sexual assault over the past year. The rate was higher among those on reserves at over 2 percent.

Breakthrough in storage for human cells

A Canadian company is offering a more cost-effective way for people to store their cells for future medical purposes. Acorn Biolabs developed the non-invasive way of preserving genetic material from hair follicle cells. Acorn CEO told CTV that people should start preserving their cells for future treatments in case that get sick.

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