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Wilson-Raybould and Philpott won’t run as green candidates; Alberta wildfire expected to get worse this week

Independent MP’s expected to make party decision soon

The two former Liberal cabinet ministers won’t run as Green Party candidates this October. Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott are expected to make a decision to which party they will run for soon. Both quit the Liberal cabinet over the government’s handling of the SNC-Lavalin scandal. They are currently independent MP’s

Shift in winds will make High Level wildfire tougher to battle

The wildfire situation in Northern Alberta could get worse this week. A forecasted shift in winds could give firefighters a tougher battle. Over 5,000 people have been evacuated from the area around the town of High Level and they won’t be allowed back to their homes until at least later this week.

Proposed secularism law in Quebec sparks debate over politicians wearing religious symbols

Canadians don’t want to mix their politician’s with religion. According to a new survey from Leger Marketing, 40 percent of those surveyed nationally would ban political figures from wearing crucifixes, hijabs and turbans. The poll was done to gauge a proposed secularism law in Quebec.

Media outlets to get close to $600 million in subsidies

The Canadian heritage minister promises the almost $600 million in subsidies going to media outlets will be transparent. According to a CTV article, the main source of controversy is including Unifor, the largest private sector union in Canada.  The group will pick representatives to give advice on who should be eligible for the federal dollars.

Coconut oil drink could help prevent Alzheimer’s

It might not be a cure for Alzheimer’s but it is being considered a remedy. CTV reported new research from Quebec suggesting a coconut oil drink could fight memory loss caused by an ageing brain’s struggle to get enough energy. The study said seniors experiencing mild memory problems can help produce more ketones through the drink.

Iran may want to up its nuclear program

The Islamic republic could hold a referendum over Iran’s nuclear program, according to its president. He said it would take a vote to increase the enrichment of uranium originally prohibited in 2015. U.S. president Donald Trump recently backed out of a deal to cap Iran’s uranium activities.

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