A little pedal power is all you need.

This week marks Bike to Work Week in Smithers with several events planned throughout the next few days.

Here’s a list of the week’s events:

“I do want to highlight our Thursday station and Bovill Square. That’s our kids’ special celebration station from 11 to 12 p.m,” Event Coordinator Sheena Miller told MyBulkleyLakesNow. “We have a Buck-A-Beer at Bulkley Valley Brewery. They’re donating a dollar for every pint you have to our cause for Bike to Work Week because it does cost money to put this on and a lot of us are using our own equipment to make this happen.”

Due to some of the events this week, there will be a few street closures as a result:

  • McBike Celebration on Wednesday will see a closure of 2nd between Queen and Main.
  • Bovill Square School Celebration on Thursday will see a closure of Broadway between Main and Queen.
  • Grendel Celebration on Friday will see a closure of 2nd between Main and King. Barricades will be set up from intersection on King to Grendel Group.

For any additional information on the nationwide event, you can visit the Bike to Work Week website.