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Trudeau to address abortion concerns in the U.S. with country’s Vice President; Ultra-processed food increases risk of death 62% or more

NAFTA ratification subject of interest as U.S. Vice President visits Ottawa

Justin Trudeau said he will address concerns over recent abortions laws south of the border with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence. The United States’ second in command is visiting Ottawa Thursday. The majority of conversation is expected to revolve around ratifying the new NAFTA agreement and trade tensions with China.

Social media regulation could oppress citizens

Justin Trudeau warned against government regulation of tech companies like Google and Facebook. There has been a lot of momentum around the world to head in that direction and the Prime Minister said government regulation isn’t the solution. He added it would oppress citizens and their freedom of speech.

Pizza, candy and soda among foods that increase risk of death most

Ultra-processed food increases the risk of death by over 60 percent. A study from the British Medical Journal said that’s just the case when someone has four daily servings of things like candy, pizza and soda. For every additional serving the journal said the risk of death shoots up another 18 percent.

Conservatives plan to repeal new gun laws if elected

The rules around firearm ownership will be changing as the Liberals pass gun reform legislation. CTV reported the bill’s passing was met with resistance from the right. Federal Conservatives said they will repeal the bill if elected this October, arguing the new laws will do nothing to keep Canadians safe or prevent gang violence.

Wild pigs pose a big risk to crops and vegetation

Wild pig numbers are exploding in Canada and are considered one of the most invasive species in the country. Researchers warn the animals can rapidly spread diseases and destroy crops and natural vegetation. The pigs were initially introduced in the 80s to diversify the livestock but their territory is growing almost 90,000 square kilometres a year since.

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