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Chinese Ambassador to Canada advises against banning Huawei; World leaders in U.K. honouring troops who fought in D-Day

Huawei security concerns being called “baseless” by China

China doesn’t want Canada to be influenced by the U.S. and join them in banning Huawei technology. The country’s ambassador called the security concerns around potentially removing the brand from Canada’s 5G network “baseless.” Justin Trudeau said he won’t make a decision until the Canadian Security Agency finished an investigation.

Soldiers who made ultimate sacrifice in Normandy commemorated in U.K.

World leaders are in England to pay respects to the soldiers that sacrificed their lives 75 years ago on D-Day. American and British paratroopers recreated the invasion, considered one of the turning points of World War II. While the number of veterans from the war is declining, several hundred were guests of honour at the ceremonies.

North Americans ingesting more than a “trivial dose” of microplastics

A new study says Canadians could be ingesting tens of thousands if plastic particles every year. The Canadian Press cited a study from the University of Victoria about the impact of microplastics. The biologist in charge of the paper said it shouldn’t be considered a trivial dose but she also doesn’t want to cause alarm.

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