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Elementary School Rankings Released; St. Joe’s Tops area

The Fraser Institute released their Provincial Elementary School Rankings this morning
The Institute’s evaluations are based on Grade 4 and Grade 7 Foundation Skills test results.
The top ranked school in the area was St. Joseph’s, scoring an 8.9 out of 10, ranking 53rd of the 978 participating schools.
Other local schools include Lake Kathlyn at 436th (6.2), Walnut Park at 557th (5.7), and Muheim Memorial at 647 (5.3).
Houston’s Twain Sullivan was ranked 141st (7.7) while Silverthorne sits at 389th (6.4).
North Hazelton ranks 929 of the 978 schools that participated with a score of 2.5.
Burns Lake’s William Konkin was the lowest scoring local school, with a score of 1.2 for an overall ranking of 969.
For more details on all the ranked schools, click here.

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