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Kidnapped Canadians in Africa are on their way home; Humans could be ingesting a credit card’s worth of plastics weekly

Canadians Abducted in Ghana safe and unhurt

More information is being released about the Canadian women rescued in Ghana. They were abducted last week and officials announced they are both safe and unhurt. The two are now receiving emotional and psychological support as they travel home.  Global affairs Canada issued a statement that said it is very relieved they are safe.

About 5 grams of microplastics consumed by humans each week

Humans could be consuming a credit card’s worth of microplastics, every week. A new study from Australia in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund said the global average ingestion rate was about 5 grams of tiny plastics weekly. Beer, shellfish and salt had some of the highest levels when it came to consumables and water, both bottled and tap were the highest globally.

Canadians are more helpful travellers according to travel website

Canadian travellers tend to be a lot kinder than those from other countries. released a study saying almost half of Canadians have helped someone else lift their suitcase into an overhead compartment and a third have offered to switch seats to another party could sit together.


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