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Owner “Overwhelmed” by help after break-in

An alarming phone call Sunday morning had a local shop owner in disbelief, but the way the community rallied to help has her truly feeling blessed.
Mountain Eagle Books owner Janet Walford was awaken by a phone call from RCMP saying that her store had been broken into.
Upon arrival, she found a smashed window and all the bookshelves toppled over like dominoes.
Walford’s daughter turned to Facebook for help, and Janet says the response was amazing.
“I was overwhelmed by the amazing response from the community. There must have been at least 30 people who came,” she says.
Janet is very grateful for all the help this weekend, saying this weekend “just reaffirms my absolute commitment to this community and my appreciation of it and my understanding that this is one of the finest places in the world to live.”
Mountain Eagle is still doing an inventory check, but so far very little is missing with the exception of small change.
Janet says thank you to everyone who helped. What the volunteers did in one afternoon would’ve taken a week for her and her co-workers to do.
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Most photos taken from Mountain Eagle Books’ Facebook Page.

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