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Are most BC households a throwback to the 1950s?

Despite most modern relationships having both the man and woman bring home the bacon, a new study says when it comes to the household, most BC families are falling into stereotypical gender roles.

The study by InsightsWest looked at 509 individuals across BC and 25 couples to determine how household choirs were divided up.

Gender role in households study results (supplied by InsightWest)

According to the study, things like meal prep, grocery shopping, and cleaning the house were primarily performed by the women, whereas men primarily performed stuff like yard work and home maintenance.

UNBC Professor and co-organizer of Inspiring Women Among Us, Annie Booth said the numbers are not surprising because it’s hard to break from the gender stereotypes people grew up with.

“If you don’t learn to do certain things or see it as something you are supposed to do then you are not really going to have that ability to do it and you’re going to come in and say that’s not something I am supposed to do.”

According to the study, 53 per cent of men and 46 per cent of women view the workload sharing to be very fair, yet a near equal percentage say it is only somewhat fair.

“It’s very difficult to change those (roles) because we really have a difficult time not seeing gender,” said Booth.

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