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Trudeau not witnessed talking to Chinese President; Greenhouse gases blamed for record-setting heat wave in Europe

Trudeau sits beside Chinese President but cameras don’t catch any interaction

Little to no interaction was witnessed between Justin Trudeau and the President of China while cameras were on during the G20 summit. The Prime Minister promised to bring up the two Canadians detained in China at every opportunity. Trudeau didn’t interact with the leader during several minutes of camera time but was seen talking with the president of Brazil.

GDP grew more than experts expected in April

The oil and gas sector helped Canada’s economy grow more than expected. The Canadian Press is reporting the real GDP grew 0.2 percent more than experts thought it would in April. An over 5 percent rise in oil and gas extraction boosted the numbers. The manufacturing sector, however, saw the biggest overall decline in a single month since August 2017.

France breaks heat record as Europe gets scorched

Greenhouse gases are being blamed for a record-breaking heatwave in Europe. France registered its hottest temperature ever at 44.3 C. The World Meteorological Organization warned that 2019 looked to be one of the hottest years on record. The last five years are on track to be the hottest half-decade span ever.

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