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Iran to increase uranium enrichment to whatever amount they want; Trudeau confident Trump spoke with Xi regarding two detained Canadians in China

Iran escalating nuclear dispute in attempt to get help from U.S. sanctions

Iran’s President said the country will increase its enrichment of uranium to any amount they want. According to The Associated Press, Hassan Rouhani told that to European partners in an attempt to get help in dealing with intense U.S. sanctions. Authorities confirmed that Iran broke rules limiting how much it can stock low-enriched uranium.

Trudeau claims to have spoken to Chinese President during G20 about detained citizens

There is some hope that two detained Canadians in China are closer to coming home. Justin Trudeau confident U.S. President Donald Trump bought up the issue during his face-to-face talk with Chinese President Xi. The Prime Minister added he was able to briefly talk with Xi about it at the G20 summit last week.

Majority of Canadians want country to stop taking refugees

Canadians are picky about immigration and what kinds of people they won’t let in. CBC News conducted a study that showed three-quarters of Canadians think the country should do more to encouraged skilled workers to move here. Almost 60 per cent said Canada should stop accepting refugees.

Only 12% of Canadians would pass citizenship test

It seems most Canadians would fail a citizenship test. CTV News cited a survey from Forum Research released for Canada Day that asked over 1,600 voters 10 multiple choice questions from the study guide. It found just over 10 per cent of respondents got eight correct, which is the score needed to pass. The average was just five out of 10.

Cryptosporidium outbreaks climbing steadily each year

Outbreaks of a fecal parasite are on the rise and it is believed to be spread through swimming pools. A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said cases of Cryptosporidiosis have been climbing almost 15 per cent a year. The parasite causes watery diarrhea that can last up to three weeks and can survive in chlorinated water.

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