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UBC professor helps create censored book database; Those who start exercising need to control calories to see results

List of banned booked from around the world can now be accessed by public

A database of over 120,000 censored books has been created thanks in part to a University of British Columbia professor. Florian Gassner said he partnered with other researchers and adds it took them six months to create the list which ranges from Harry Potter to Hitler’s Mein Kampf. He told CTV News his goal was to help people realize when they are being censored and ask themselves what it constitutes.

Brazil got 2016 Olympics on back of $2M bribe

A new development in a bribery scandal surrounding the 2016 Olympics. The former governor of Rio de Janeiro admitted he paid $2 million to buy votes and bring the games to Brazil. He told a judge the money went to the former president of an athletic federation to buy as many votes as possible.

People starting to exercise eat more than before 

A new study suggested that the key to exercising to lose weight actually has more to do with how much people are eating. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition said people who start hitting the gym tend to eat more than when they didn’t, which can yield disappointing results. A professor told CTV News that cutting calories is the key to weight loss.

Professor suggests turning turf lawns into native habitats

A new study suggested turf lawns could be doing more harm than good to the environment. CBC News reports that upwards of three-quarters of municipal water is used for lawns in the summer. Pesticides and herbicides can contaminate soil water which can be toxic to wildlife. A professor at Cornell University suggested replacing lawns with native habitats.

Canadians left scratching their heads after Trump’s remark about Bell

U.S. President Donald Trump has many Canadians confused after he said Alexander Graham Bell was a great American patriot. He said it at a 4th of July celebration and made twitter explode with Canadians claiming the inventor of the telephone as their own. Graham was actually born in Scotland and had U.K., Canadian and American Citizenship.

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