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Iran has “no hope” that world leaders will help get nuclear deal done; Any amount of alcohol is bad for you a new study says

Iran gives European leaders 60 days to help ratify nuclear deal

An Iranian official says the country has “no hope” in the international community when it comes to saving its nuclear deal. The Associated Press reports that Iran has given its European partners 60 days to save the deal reached in 2015 that caps how much enriched uranium Iran can stockpile. The country has already gone over those limits.

Canadian Security Intelligence Service accused of sharing energy information

Canada’s spy organization is being questioned about overstepping its legal authority. A report from The Canadian Press says the CSIS is being accused of sharing information about the energy sector in order to deter people from associating with environmentalist groups and voicing their opinions. The agency is only supposed to retain “strictly necessary” information.

Drinking any alcohol can be bad for mental health 

Drinking alcohol in moderation is said to actually have health benefits but it turns out that might be false. The Globe and Mail cited a study from the Canadian Medical Association Journal that says no alcohol is the healthiest amount, at least for the mind. The organization studied over 40,000 people and those who abstained had better mental health.

California to spend over $16M to advance earthquake warning

In the wake of multiple earthquakes, California is installing detectors to warn utilities and trains to shut down. The Associated Press says the State is spending over $16 million. Scientists say the two recent quakes, the biggest in two decades, should serve as a wake-up call for when “the big one” finally hits.

Greece elects new conservative Prime Minister

Greece is hoping its newly elected Prime Minister can bring a more prosperous future financially. The country has been in a debt crisis for the past decade. Conservative leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis beat liberal incumbent Alexis Tsipras with almost 40 percent of the votes compared to Tsipras’ 31.

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