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Nathan Cullen excited about Alberta NDP win, “nail in the coffin” of Northern Gateway

A wave of orange has spread across Alberta following the NDP’s election win Tuesday, and we could feel the ripples here in Northern BC.

Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen told MyPGNow that it was a tough day for conservatives in Ottawa as well

“The Conservatives said their caucus meeting this morning was like a morgue. They are in trouble; they got beat at home and they were not expecting it. They were taking Alberta and West for granted. This is what happens when you take people for granted, eventually they push back and demand better.”
He added that he expects Tuesday’s results to leak over into federal politics and the election due for October.

“We beat separatists in Quebec and we beat Conservatives in Alberta. Anyone who says the NDP can’t form government in Canada is obviously working for one of the other parties”

But more importantly for Northern BC, Alberta Premier elect Rachel Notley has said that she will take a hands off approach to the Northern Gateway pipeline project. That’s a contrast from the previous government’s aggressive pursuit of the project.

“Mr Harper might still believe in it, but he would be the only one.” Cuillen said “It’s time to move on to something else. I mean it still exists; they are still burning through lots of Chinese money promoting it. But in terms on a viable project, it’s just not. And in terms of something we should focus on; it doesn’t make the list.”

Cullen added that Rachel Notley’s views on energy and the economy fits what many in the north has been preaching for years saying that it will bring a more certainty and less conflict and will be better for communities impacted by large proposed developments like Northern Gateway.

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