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Canadian detainee in China linked to drug case; Trump being called racist after telling congress women to go back to their countries

Canadian arrested in China linked to drug case

 The most recent Canadian detainee in China has officially been linked to a drug case. Seven foreign teachers and nine students were arrested over the weekend and Global Affairs wouldn’t confirm the Canadian detainee was linked to it until now. The arrest came amidst rough relations between Canada and China since a Huawei executive was arrested in Vancouver last December.

Trump refuses to apologize for “racist” Tweet

US President Donald Trump is facing harsh criticism for telling congresswomen of colour to go back to their countries. The problem people are having is that all but one of the four were born in the U.S. and all are American citizens. The Associated Press reported that Democrats are calling the Tweet racist. Trump refused to apologize.

Popular baby food brands contain extra sugar according to UN report

There is a push for new guidelines when it comes to ingredients in baby food. The AFP reported that commercial brands tend to contain too much sugar. The World Health Organization looked at almost 8,000 products throughout Europe and the Middle East. It found that a third of the calories were from sugars in half of the products.

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