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HomeNewsMcTeague scoffs at the possibility of new refineries in BC

McTeague scoffs at the possibility of new refineries in BC

Are new refineries a possibility in BC?

Senior Petroleum Analyst with Gas Prize Dan McTeague doesn’t think so despite comments made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying he’s open to pitches in the province.

Prince George’s Husky Oil Refinery is already up for sale and McTeague thinks the recent notion by the PM is laughable at best.

“It’s totally absurd, it’s ridiculous and I wouldn’t give it the time of day. The fact the Prime Minister is musing and taking ideas on this shows how disconnected he is and his policies are from reality.”

“Making, musing or commenting on such a thing without understanding his government and their policies towards the energy sector have been absolutely corrosive and divisive and damaging suggests to me a bit of hypocrisy that would one normally see between elections not coming up to one.”

McTeague adds we’ve already seen tons of waffling already surrounding the Trans Mountain Pipeline and Coastal Gas Link projects, so even the suggestion of a new refinery possibly being built in the north, is pretty absurd.

“You can’t build a refinery without assurance that pipeline will be built and that requires a checklist of thousands of people and interest groups many of whom will say unless it’s unanimous, you get no pipeline, this is how ridiculous our regulatory oversight has come in this country.”

He is of the opinion the energy sector in both Canada and the province has been under constant siege over the past few years due to the cancellation of major projects such as the Energy East and Northern Gateway pipelines along with Bill C-69 and Bill C-48 as well as the oil tanker ban.

McTeague states with all of this considered there should only be one group that is worthy of wearing the goat horns.

“It’s pretty clear to me that Ottawa has played footsy with the environmental organizations in this country to undermine Canada’s number one job creator and resource and revenue creator and that’s the oil and gas sector. When it comes to pointing fingers as to what’s happened, I’m sorry but as a long-standing Liberal, I say it is the Liberal Party of Canada who has done this since 2015 and they can’t point fingers elsewhere.”

The federal election is set for October 21st.

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