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Thunderstorm watch for Bulkley Valley

Environment Canada has issued a thunderstorm watch for the Bulkley Valley.

Thunderstorms are expected later this afternoon.

Armel Castellan, Environment Canada Meteorologist said the valley could see some bizarre weather.

“It’s a fairly active day, there is the potential for very strong winds, gusty winds, even hail, and heavy rain,” said Castellan.

Armel Castellan also said tomorrow (Tues.) we will see temperatures that are below the Bulkley Valley’s norm this time of year.

“Similar conditions are favourable again tomorrow, perhaps a tiny bit dryer so, a little bit more sparse, more localized, but the temperatures will also be a little bit less,” said Castellan.

The warmer weather will be in the valley on Wednesday where there will be sunshine all day.

Environment Canada also warns if you see lightning or hear thunder to get inside.

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