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RCMP aren’t ruling out recent murder cases in B.C. are related; Petition to fine those who complain to 911 over Amber Alert launched in Ontario

Police reluctant to call recent high profile cases in B.C. related but aren’t ruling it out

Police in Northern B.C. aren’t ruling out that recent deaths and disappearances in the area are related. An international couple was found shot to death on the side of the highway last week. Days later burnt camper was found with an unidentified male corpse nearby. The truck belonged to two men who haven’t been heard from since.

Almost 60,000 signatures collected from those who support fines for Amber Alert complaints

A petition is going around asking the Ontario government to fine people who call 911 to complain about Amber Alerts. A Toronto woman is spearheading the campaign. Dalia Monacelli said she can’t believe people still have problems with the alerts after an 11-year-old died earlier this year. Apparently, police have gotten complaints all five times the alert has been issued in 2019.

Scientist still trying to fiure out why people stop losing weight 

The weight loss plateau is a real thing and scientists say people don’t gain the weight back because they just give up. A Researchers from McMaster University believes it has something to do with the body’s physiology. The CBC reported that once humans reach 10 per cent weight loss their metabolism simply slows down too much.

Boris Johnson chosen as new United Kingdom Prime Minister

The U.K. has a new Prime Minister. Boris Johnson won the bid to replace Theresa May. Johnson promised to complete Britain’s exit of the European Union by October 31st. Conservative members chose Johnson over rival Jeremy Hunt in what is being called a landslide victory.

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