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Smithers hopes to keep clean of cigarette butts

Smithers is hoping to be a little cleaner with the help from Terry O’Bray.

O’Bray will be seen along Main Street handing out pocket ashtrays. He saw the initiative after watching the news. He saw in Vancouver there was a similar initiative.

Council later looked into the idea to reduce the amount of cigarette butt littering. Mayor Taylor Bachrach got in contact with Kim Perrot, PromoPlus President.

After being in contact with Perrot she donated 50 ashtrays for the town.


Perrot said she sells them to Vancouver often.

“I bring them in for the city of Vancouver and they’ve bought them a few times now and they have several different imprints on them, which are quite nice. With the city of Vancouver telling people to butt out and not throw their butts out the window and I think the city of Vancouver has been giving them to the fire department and they’ve been going over quite well,” said Perrot.

Perrot also said it’s time for everyone to do their part in cleaning up the environment.

“It will help everybody. The city of Vancouver sent me a couple of links of the media who have done it so far and cigarette butts are one of the biggest culprits over and above water bottles you know the plastic and everything being thrown away in the shorelines,” she said.

O’Bray can be seen around Main Street this summer handing out the ashtrays.

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