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Perimeter Trail to be closed off in more than one spot

A couple of portions of the Perimeter trail will be closed off this week.

The first closure at Ambleside Ave and Turner Way started today and will go until Saturday (Aug. 2). That portion is closed because of construction for a storm outfall, for the new senior development that is being built.

Director of Development Services, Mark Allen said the storm drain will be going across the trail and going into Daily Creek.

“This will be the second one, it’s called a storm outfall and it will be the second one constructed for that subdivision,” Allen said.

The second trail closure will be by Riverside Park. BC Hydro will be working on some power lines from August 1-3.

Allen said the closure will be down by the Main Street area.

“They’re removing some danger trees along the power line and it happens to cross the perimeter trail in two or three places. That’s why it was mandatory to close the trail down and it’s just during the time while the crews are working, near the power line,” Allen said.

It is recommended to find alternate routes.



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