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HomeNewsICBC starts pilot project to put the brakes on bad driving

ICBC starts pilot project to put the brakes on bad driving

ICBC wants to see if technology can improve new drivers’ skills on the road and reduce the number of crashes they see.

According to ICBC, new drivers are 3.5 times more likely to get into a crash than an experienced driver, and when they do, those crashes tend to be higher in severity.

The one-year pilot project will monitor 7,000 drivers using car sensors and an app to track lousy driving habits.

Mark Milner, Road Safety Program Manager with ICBC, said the project will have two groups; one where drivers get tips to improve their driving and another where the drivers do not.

“What we wanted to do is see if we could use technology to help those drivers avoid the kind of behaviours that occur just before a crash; so speeding, rapid acceleration, hard braking, hard cornering, and of course, distracted driving.”

Milner added those participating in the study will be compensated with gift cards to various shops and restaurants.

ICBC will be accepting new applications until November, or until they reach 7,000 participants.

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