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Witset gets new sign after communities name changed

Witset First Nation officially has a new sign after the communities name was changed from Moricetown.

The sign is located at the RV park westbound as you enter Witset. Indian affairs approved the sign and the name change in November of 2017.

Lucy Gagnon, Executive Director said they eventually hope to put Witset on their signs and documents.

“It’s slow going we’ve changed pretty much our office stuff, letterheads, bank accounts and vendors all of that kind of stuff so, we’re getting there,” said Gagnon.

This all began when a petition began in 2017 to change back to the traditional name of Witset. Chief Victor Jim wanted to go back to Witset because he wanted to honour their ancestors.

Gagnon explained why this has been in the process.

“It was changed by Father Morice and Victor basically called him a tyrant and we shouldn’t be honouring him, we should be honouring our ancestors,” she said.

Chief Victor Jim has been in the process of this name change for 14 years.

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