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Owning pets, especially dogs, leading to better heart health

Having a pet can be one of the most joyful and rewarding experiences a person can have while going through life.

According to a recent study from the Mayo Clinic in the United States, people who own pets, especially dogs, have better heart health.

BC SPCA Spokesperson, Lorie Chortyk recently spoke with Vista Radio.

“There’s just also the physical things aside from the intangibles as people with a dog tend to get out more for a daily walk or it reduces stress so there are a lot of physical reasons why a pet would be healthy for your heart.”

One of the authors of the study found that dog ownership increases people’s physical activity, mood, social life, and diet.

Chrotyk adds a lot of the times the presence of an animal allows us to let our guard down.

“Pets often make us laugh and so there are all those things that they bring into our lives that just makes them more enjoyable and in turn that helps us reduce our stress and keep a healthy heart.”

“I know we have done surveys with people and most of them have said the one thing they love most about their pet is that we can be silly with them and they just can be themselves.”

She adds your relationship with your pet or dog can also build relationships with other people.

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