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BV Kinsmen and BV Hospice society join forces for live auction at Telkwa BBQ

One of the longest-running events in the Bulkley Valley is running again this weekend.

The 107th Telkwa Barbeque and Demolition Derby starts tomorrow (Aug 30) and runs until Monday (Sept.2).

This year the BV Kinsmen who run the event are doing something different. They are holding a live auction on Monday after the demolition derby final.

The BV Kinsmen and the BV Hospice society have teamed up and all proceeds from the auction will be going towards a special mattress.

David Wilford, BV Hospice Society Chair said the mattress costs $7000 but will help patients who are near death.

“As people are getting close to death, the skin gets really sensitive and people can get bedsores that are very uncomfortable. So, this a special air mattress that’s controlled by a computer, so the patient doesn’t get bedsores,” Wilford said.

According to the BV Hospice Society, they have gone to other organizations to raise money for this mattress.

Wilford also says he appreciates how the BV Kinsmen decided to raise money for the society.

“I think it’s absolutely wonderful, they have deep routes in the community and this kind of support is central to their mission base, they’ve helped other groups in town so this is quite wonderful,” he said.

Central Mountain Air has donated 2 round trip tickets to fly anywhere and gift cards will also be available.

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