Eight days of mediated talks between the BC Teachers Federation and the BC Public Schools Employers Association have ended without a new deal.

With classes set to resume, there is some added angst now among parents and students as negotiations spill into the academic year.

BCTF President Teri Mooring told Vista Radio both sides will speak again later this month.

“On Friday, the mediator said he was going to recess talks and that we were going to come back for a meeting with the employer and the mediator on September 23rd with an eye to begin mediation again on September 30th.”

She adds the BCTF won’t accept any adjustments when it comes to class size and composition as they look for a new deal.

“Right from the very start, we were surprised to be facing concessions, so in other words, on the table was larger class sizes along with fewer specialist teacher positions, we were facing that from the start and that has been a real bone of contention right from the start.”

Starting teacher salaries are $49,000 in BC, which ranks ninth out of all the provinces, especially Alberta where the entry-level salary is $63,000.