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Birdi reacts to Trudeau blackface photos and video

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has been facing some backlash for the past 24 hours.

Three instances emerged Wednesday (Sept.18) of Trudeau in makeup to darken his face.

The first was a photo of Trudeau in an Aladdin costume for an “Arabia Nights” themed party where he used the makeup to darken his face and hands at a Vancouver private school where he taught in 2001.


While apologizing he also admitted to the second occurrence of him in high school with dark makeup singing the song “Day O” in a high school talent show.

Trudeau apologized in Halifax and was made aware earlier in the day that the news would break.

Trudeau says he takes responsibility for his actions.

“I shouldn’t have done that, I should have known better but I didn’t and I’m really sorry,” he said.

Hours after apologizing for a video that was first released by Global News of Trudeau wearing Blackface.

Skeena- Bulkley Valley Liberal Candidate Dave Birdi said the photos haven’t stopped their campaign beliefs.

“We’re still on plan with continuing on the promotion of the jobs in the region, none of that changes,” he said.

Birdi also said he still believes in his leader.

“I’m still focused mainly on the jobs, that’s the number one priority so, on the jobs I still have full confidence with Trudeau,” he said.

The photo of Trudeau in blackface and brownface emerged from Time magazine causing an international uproar.

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